Mrs. Nikta Keshavarz ( ESL Teacher)

Nikta Keshavarz

Nikta Keshavarz is an ESL Certified Teacher with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree both in English as a Second Language from the University of Toronto and an active member of TESL Ontario for more than 8 years who has been fully up to date with latest research in effective teaching strategies applicable to ESL.

14 years of Teaching English in both public and private school system in Canada has brought her a solid qualifications along with enough experience in the field. Her patience and passion in classroom help her to maintain emotional control under stressful situations and be more efficient in her teaching career. She always tracks record of consistently improving the standard of second language acquisition among students. She believes that an eligible teacher should be not only knowledgeable and resourceful but also able to provide social and emotional support for the students. She is proud of teaching at The Duncan Academy and would be happy to share her knowledge and experiences with the students at this school.