Why The Duncan Academy?

Why the Duncan Academy?


Listen to The Duncan Academy Students’ experiences. Check out the guidelines and instructions for the latest updates and information!




What makes The Duncan Academy Outstanding?



  • First-class Team of Teachers


We are concerned about students’ academic but we are also concerned about the students’ personality cultivation. Small class teaching will provide each student receive adequate attention in class. Teachers and the school will provide biggest support to achieve a common goal.


  • Strict Management System


Personality is established by outstanding achievement. TDA’s strict but friendly management and one to one counseling will help students build a better personality. TDA has high admission percentage for one of the top universities, Universities of Toronto, in Canada.



  • Flexible Course Schedule

We understand that no one’s schedule is quite the same and there are some responsibilities that you just can’t shake. That’s why we offer flexible class schedules to make it possible for you to achieve your education on your own terms. Unlike other schools, we offer three sessions per day, each consisting of 3 hours, giving you the option of taking a full-day class( 9 hours) for students pressed for time to start the university. Find out more about our class formats, course length options, class schedules and the time that is needed to complete your degree whether you attend a full- or part-time schedule.



  •  Teamwork and interaction


“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success!” Talented people working together will achieve better outcome” TDA has many well-known secondary school partnered for activities program. Through the partnerships we will set up activities together, which allow student from different schools to interact, work together and exchange their talents.




  • Volunteer activities


TDA organizes social interactions not only allow the students to fully understand the new society, but also help them improve their independence and sense of responsibility. Every year our students will participate in volunteering work, universities campus tour, school or class field trips and sport games. These social activities will guide the students in their future life and career.



  • Entertainment and fun


  • Sport Trips


At The Duncan Academy staff and students helped to make the event a great success, with plenty of organized, hobbies, games to play and summer-like weather to enjoy. TDA wishes its students continued success while they have fun and entertainment throughout their education! Here are some photos from the event.



  • Learning Trips



Enjoy Medieval Times

The school organized an activity to watch the Medieval Times on Dec.13th.20




  • Celebrations at The Duncan Academy



Christmas Lunch at The Duncan Academy